Kachina is a gifted healer with magic hands. I've suffered with migraines all myadult life, and she's been more effective at giving me relief than chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, herbs or traditional medicine.
Kachina has taught me how to live comfortably in my scoliosis spine. Her gentle touch and empathetic spirit showed me the physical pain I carry is a function of my structure as well as emotional baggage. Dealing with those together brings healing. Kachina rocks!                                                                    Loretta Hudelot  

Grandmaster Johnny Lee

 Lee’s White Leopard Kung Fu & Tai Chi

“Kachina is one of the most amazing therapist I have ever encountered. When I had my old injuries in my lower back, I had tried many Western and Chinese therapies. Kachina is one of my Tai Chi students who saw me in pain after class and offered to help. Her therapy really worked wonders. Her hands have a soft and light touch without any muscular force. After one session I could stand up straight and I felt less pain so I went for more treatments. It really has helped me much more than any other treatment I have tried. I often recommend  her to my Kung Fu and Tai Chi students to avoid or recover from injury.”    

   Grandmaster Johnny Lee

Dear Kachina, I really enjoyed my 1st session with you. Not only that, but my body felt really good and "free" for the next couple of days. My hip felt especially good the next day. 
You are a gifted and intuitive practitioner. There are things we learn from books, things from mentors, things from years of hands on practice.......and then there are things that are God given and cannot be replicated in another person. I see that in your practice. I look forward to our next session.

Jill Cowen, Pilates Instructor