Medicinal Aromatherapy 

Uniting the plants wisdom with the intrinsic propensity of your psycho-emotional/ neuro-muscular system  to organize for ease & comfort is a journey to an elevated sense of self.


Ancient cultures intuited a way to live in total harmony learning directly from the Wisdom of the Earth and her plants & trees. Reverence in all aspects of  growing & processing plants for the vibrant power in their medicinal essences is at the root of Medicinal Aromatherapy.

The Feldenkrais Method® 

Essential Somatic Integration

Welcome to Ki Clarity!

Ki (pronounced "key")  is Ch'i Energy, the Vital Life Force. Clarity of Intention invites Freedom of Choice.

Being free to choose to use your Ki with clear intention invites an authentic expression of your self​.
KiClarity uses multiple modalities to help guide you on your journey of healing and clear self expression.

Developed by Moshe Feldenkrais this is a method of learning how to learn that has vast application for all things body/mind. Use it to:

Clarify your intentions as they translate into actions.
Explore non-habitual movement options that reduce pain.
Refine your way of moving by rediscovering your skeletal wisdom.
Reduce effort and increase ease in everyday activities.