What is a Phyto-Aromatherapy Consultation?

An Anointingis a conscious act of blessing with intention, attention and reverence for the anointed using high vibrational oils (sacred oils). It has ancient roots in many cultures and religions.

Plants are Alchemists. The whole of the plant kingdom takes Light and alchemizes it into food & medicine for itself and for us through photosynthesis. When we anoint with the plant essences we take their particular chemical elixir of light into our bodies. And their higher vibrations of light uplift, balance, center, open, strengthen or protect us according to our need or deficiency. They brings us into Resonance with this Light of their Over Soul and our Soul. 

"We believe in pure, perfect, light lineage of the plants & trees, which is why we do not blend our oils. The frequency & vibration of a single essence helps the body raise it’s vibration… the beauty and the power of the essences layered singularly on the skin verses combining them in a blend will not compromise their energy and medicinal potency.” 
Barry Knapp & Audre Gutierrez, founders of Wisdom of the Earth.

Applying an undiluted, single essence to your skin, one at a time, one over the other, is the Layering process used by WOTE Certified Medicinal Aromatherapist. This allows the essences to enter your blood stream individually. The alchemy happens as your body’s wisdom selects which components from the 50,000 t0 65,000  chemotypes present on a quantum, sub-atomic level in the plant essence that you need for your healing. And the blending happens in your blood stream, not the bottle.

As the blood is to our body, it’s essence (essential oil) is to a plant or tree.. It carries nutrients, hormones, wound healing &  immune system stimulants for the plants themselves. It is their Medicine that they are gifting to  humans and animals alike.  Medicinal Grade Plant & Tree Essences for Phyto-Aromatherapy stimulates our immune system to activate our own natural self healing ability. 

Pure essential oils support us on our healing journeys and open the doors to new perspectives, inviting harmony and peace into our hearts. 

Wisdom of the Earth (WOTE) is an Essential Oil company who serves as a bridge to the natural world by offering Plant & Tree Essences of a high vibrational resonance & medicinal integrity. These plant healers carry a Heart/Love based intention to aid & support us on our evolutionary path physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

Wisdom of the Earth uses the following standards to aid a & support their intention:

  • Biodynamic Farming  
  • Single Crop Farms or Wild Crafted
  • Hand-Poured With Love
  • Single Ingredient Essences 
  • Non-Diluted and No Blends
  • Medicinal Grade
  • Safe to Ingest & Put Directly Onto The Skin
  • Second Level Raw Food Grade
  • When Used With Intention & Consciousness They Can Assist You In Your Healing Journey In A Profound Way.

What Makes Wisdom of the Earth Different?

Filling out a form will help you contemplated the various area of your life in which you are seeking non-pharmaceutical support. Then you will share these interests with Kachina so specific medicinal essences can be suggested, You will hold the bottle, inhale her fragrance one by one until you choose the ones that appeal or seem to resonate with you. Or, they may choose you!

Then Kachina will apply the essences in an anointing and/or teach you how to layer them. You can decide what you wish to address first and how many essences you are ready to experience daily at home. Kachina will take your order and later email the protocol to you as to when, where and how to apply the essences you have chosen to include in your healing journey. 

Wisdom of the Earth medicinal grade plant and tree essences are solely ordered through their distributors. This ensures that you are well educated in the proper handling, use, and application of these powerful sources of natural medicine. 

Initial Aromatherapy Consultation & Anointing 75 minutes @ $100
Follow up Aromatherapy Phone Consultation 
$25 per 15minute intervals.

Medicinal Aromatherapy

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