What is Essential Somatic Integration?

Essential Somatic Integration

Awaken a deeper connection with yourself by using plant essential essences as you open, release, reorganize and reintegrate through your bodies intrinsic movement wisdom  & your brains plasticity.

Anointing with the Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal grade phyto-aromatherapeutic essential oil essences in combination with theFunctional Integrationsession is a catalyst for healing on all levels of the mind/body continuum. 

During an Essential Somatic Integration, (ESI), you and Kachina will intuitively select essences that best resonate with the deeper emotional/spiritual parts of your being. Kachina may anoint you with essences before beginning the hands on manipulations or apply them in layers as needed during your session. 

With the wisdom of the plant medicine present, these sessions go beyond the traditional Functional Integration Lesson. They raise your vibration to that place where you are in alignment with your Soul to more easily release old patterns of struggle, strife, pain or trauma. The plant healers hold that harmonious space where intuition is awakened and Kachina’s experience and deep listening follows your bodies wisdom. This vibrational cocoon of safety invites a profound ease of embodiment where energy healing, which can shift you to a place of release & freedom for all the parts of you to reintegrate, is possible. 

90-minute session $200

120-minute sessions $250