Additional Urban Forest Bathing themes to come: 

  • Resting in the Eye of the Storm/restoring in stressful times.
  • Elixirs for Meditation​
  • Designing  Personal First Aid & Self Care Kits

Keep your Eyes, Ears & Noses open for upcoming dates.

Urban Forest Bathing

Feldenkrais Method® Group classes and specialized workshops blending somatic movement and the healing of essential oils.

 "The Book of Anointing is a spiritual journey into the rebellious art of sacred anointing. This art has been with us for thousands of years and has touched the hearts, minds, and souls of humanity. The anointers of the ancient world were wisdom-keepers and knew the power of essential oils to consecrate, heal and awaken the soul. Cynthia Oliver’s book brings you into the sacred art of anointing as an Act of Love in the modern world, fine tuning the connection with your divine self and the devic world of Mother Nature."

As an student of Cynthia Olivera and a practicing anointer and wisdom-keeper, 

Kachina will be teaching from The Book of Anointing and sharing the wisdom, daily practices and sacred rituals of anointing using the blessed frequencies of the Wisdom of the Earth medicinal plant & tree essences.

If you are you ready to pause, recalibrate & recirculate your energies from outflow to inflow and inspire meaningful, committed change in your self nourishing practices join Kachina on one or all 3 of these Sacred Anointing events. 

Sunday December 29, 2019
at Westside Wellness

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Books will be available to purchase on site.

Future Dates for Anointing Workshops at Westside Wellness. 

With class details to come.

Awareness Through Movement® 

Sacred Anointing for Radical Self-Care

Weekly ATM® Classes
at the Dallas Yoga Center

4525 Lemmon Ave. Suite 305

Dallas, TX 75219

Saturdays from 10:45- 12:00

Each Month there will be a new theme based on classic Feldenkrais Movement Sequences overlaid with Foundations in Embodied Anatomy from the Body Mind Centering perspective.

Shinrin-yoku is the Japanese word for the concept of “forest bathing”. It is the practice of spending time in nature to restore and heal our body/mind/spirit. The gifts from the natural world that create this healing environment are many, the air quality, the light, the sounds and smells and the feel of Earth under our feet.  By being in the living presence of the plant kingdom, whether forest or garden, our senses are engaged, our attention is gently captured and we are subtly bathed with a fine mist of health-giving wood or garden essential oils, Shinrin-yoku.
In this Urban environment, as city dwellers we will generate the atmosphere of “Forest Bathing” by inviting in the alchemists of the Plant Kingdom who take light from the sun and stars to gift us with their life essence as food & medicine. When we anoint with a plant’s essential essences (essential oils) we take its particular chemical elixir of light, air, water and earth into our bodies. These higher vibrations also fill our auras to uplift, balance, center, open, strengthen or protect us according to our needs. They carry us from discord to resonance.

​                             Fortifying Your Immune System

Reducing Fear of Contagion by Empowering Your Wellness

March 14, 2020


$45 before March 9th, $55 at the door

at Westside Wellness 

4711 Westside Dr. Dallas, TX 75209

In current times of concern over contagious illnesses spreading out of our control we can take hold of our wellness potential by supporting and strengthening

our immune system. We are our own healers. And we are supported by the wisdom of nature and ancient healing traditions. We need not fear being thrown out of balance.

Come learn simple ways to use medicinal essential essences from Wisdom of the Earth. Practice simple techniques to open energy channels to enhance organ function and to increase vagal tone . Join Kachina to be empowered in your ability to fortify your body’s systems that insure your wellness.

In the 1st part of class we will review a variety of essential oils that are well know for their anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties as well as some that are lesser known.

The 2nd part of this class will be hands on with steam inhalation’s, auricular applications, foot reflexology and qigong for the face and heart hugs for the vagal nerve system.

It will be a time of self-empowerment for your own natural healing.

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 Embracing Life Through Grief & Loss

Finding soul expansion during heart contracting times.

August 10, 2019

Layers of Loss, indicates depth & dimensions.  Waves of Grief imply swells of feelings within the passage of time. This complex spectrum from letting go of—holding on to, is a  journey few escape. 

Come gather together in a sacred container to open your hearts stories of love or loss that have been your journey... through grief and the layers of loss of others, parts of one's self, your dreams or missed opportunities.

In the 1st hour we will study & experience those essential essences that support/cradle/uplift us within the various manifestations of grief. .
In the 2nd hour Kachina will gently guide you to explore that sacred relationship of the physical and spiritual Heart & Lungs and the transformational support of the Diaphragm in a self-nurturing somatic movement inquiry.

 Seasons & Cycles 
May 11,2019

 Take time to pause and honor the journey of our female bodies to restore the gifts of the Feminine. We will gather together in the sacred home of a Woman’s Circle to reflect on the rhythmic Cycles of Nature through sharing, anointing and moving together.  

This will be a mini pause to restore and explore the physical & emotional support that Wisdom Of The Earth essences offer to our hormonal system during all seasons of a woman’s life in cycles. Women of all ages are invited.

In the 1st hour we will focus on learning about & anointing with Wisdom Of The Earth Medicinal essential essences that address the various ways the ebb, flow or cessation of the moon cycle affects sleep patterns, mental overwhelm, emotional mood swings, digestive ease, swelling, headache, acne, cramps, willingness to let down the filters, etc. 
In the 2nd hour Kachina will guide a practice of simple Somatic & Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement sequences focused on easing the pelvic tensions, cultivating the wisdom of the endocrine organs and nurturing our bodies intrinsic desire for fluid, circular movement.