Black Cumin

"The cure for everything but death".

       Black Cumin Seed has been used for healing for centuries. 

The Prophet Muhammad was said to have described Black Cumin Seed as "the cure for everything but death". 

She is written about in most all sacred texts and is highly revered as a natural powerhouse for health.  She is a powerful ally and can support the body in rebuilding itself and becoming stronger.

 Black Seed Oil address most all human ailments because she fortifies our Immune System and can be taken daily to keep the body strong and healthy.

 Black Cumin Seeds are anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory,  and are wonderful for the joints and arthritis or rheumatism. 

This seed oil  is highly anti-viral and is good for the lungs, bronchitis, allergies, asthma, cold, flu, and a bad cough. 

She heals the intestines, harmonizes the stomach, clears intestinal spasms, and supports a healthy colon and other eliminating organs. 

Black Cumin Seed is good for headaches and migraines and is amazing for harmonizing blood sugar levels. 

She is a moon cycle regulator, helping to balance one's cycles every month.  For pregnant women, Black Cumin Seeds promote breast milk production. 

As a powerful immune booster, these seeds can help those suffering from tumors and cancer. 

She is great for epileptics and diabetics, and will also support cleansing and balancing the liver. 

For the skin and hair, this nut oil is very nourishing and harmonizing and can help with imbalances. She provides minerals & vitamins and contains more that 20% protein.

  Emotionally speaking, Black Cumin Seeds help clear emotional manipulation.  She helps people to work together in groups to find common ground.  When the harmony needs to be restored in personal relationships, she can be a great ally to address lower frequencies and clearing the shadow side in order to move forward together in Love.