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Anointing with WOTE Essences  

a Fragrant Somatic Movement Journey

Wisdom of the Earth Essences Support

This excerpt from Wisdom of the Earth's Vision and Mission Statement gives a glimpse of their authentic, reverential attitude toward the many gifts from plants, trees and Mother Earth:

"We believe in a pure, perfect light lineage of plants and trees which is why we do not blend our oils. The frequency and vibration of a single essence helps the body raise it's vibration... The beauty and power of the essences layered singularly on  the skin, verses combining them in a blend, is that it does not compromise their energy and medicinal potency."

"My relationship with Wisdom of the Earth, (WOTE) Essences developed as an answer to a deep longing I had "to return HOME to myself" in an expanded way. I found a clear resonance with the quality and integrity of the WOTE family and their healing essences. After completing their Level 1 and Level 2 training and experiencing the transformations in my family and clients I am filled with joy to offer this level of vibrational healing to you. Please open your heart to the depth of one of my Fragrant Somatic Movement Journeys by adding an anointing with these medicinal healers to your session. Or schedule a Medicinal Aromatherapy consultation and we'll create a program for daily use of the essences."

                                                                                                                Kachina Abeita

Working with humans and animals to raise the frequency of their bodies

Helping to prevent disease and common ailments and enhancing the quality of life

Healing our physical bodies in the face of dis-ease

Enabling individual Journeys into self-forgiveness, self-love and self-compassion

Learning that if we can feel our fears and not deny them, we can detach from them

Raising our consciousness

Accessing our soul and living authentically

Medicinal Aromatherapy

Wisdom of the Earth is

a Bridge into the Natural World

their Plant & Tree Essential Oils have high vibrational resonance and medicinal integrity.

Wisdom of the Earth invites us to directly experience a heart-centered

knowledge of plant medicine from our unique connection with their essence.