An Anointing is a conscious act of blessing with intention, attention, and reverence for the anointed using high vibrational oils (sacred oils). It has ancient roots in many cultures and religions.

“What did you say you call this?”, he asked after agreeing to be anointed with essential oils.

“In general, Aromatherapy", I answered. "These EOs are from Wisdom of the Earth and are in the category of medicinal quality aromatherapy.”

As a musician he understands, he actually lives in a world of vibrational expression through sound waves. The idea that plants and trees share their essence with us through their vibration was not a big leap for Sam. 

“Plants are Alchemists.” The whole of the plant kingdom takes Light and alchemizes it into food & medicine for itself and for us through photosynthesis. When we anoint with the plant essences we take its particular chemical elixir of light into our bodies. And it’s higher vibrations of light uplift, balance, center, open, strengthen or protect us according to our need or deficiency. It brings us into resonance with it. Or spoken from the perspective that plants and trees are living beings, they brings us into resonance with their expression of light for our body’s wisdom to use as we need.

This 1st anointing happened during Sam's 4th Feldenkrais lesson. He arrived still in recovery from a weekend gig of mixing sound for a cover band in which he slept less than 4 hours. In the previous lessons, we had been addressing posture, breathing to improve his singing and chronic low back stress from all the heavy lifting a sound man does to set up the band. On this day his nervous system was thin & ragged so I suggested we start with an anointing to bring peace and calm. He was quite open to the idea.

I had him smell Balsam Copaiba which calms and instills a peaceful tone. Then Frankincense which centers and deeply soothes. And finally, Lavender Highland 1200-1400 meters which is a very high vibrational lavender lifting any heaviness from us.

He chose the Balsam Copaiba and Frankincense. As we each focused on our breath and entered quietness  I placed several drops of Balsam Copaiba on the crown of his head and followed with Frankincense on his 3rd eye center and base of the neck.

I proceeded with a simple Functional Integration lesson with the intention to reestablish his physical sense of “Centering” and a deeper sense of nourishing the Self while releasing stress in the low back. Then the Cedarwoods called to be applied over his kidney/adrenal area. When we push ourselves into exhaustion the Cedarwoods, Spruces and other Conifers offer excellent support for our adrenals. Specifically, Cedarwood Atlas wanted to help Sam recover his energies after excess depletion. 

He commented on feeling 100% better than when he arrived. The addition of the anointing to his regular Feldenkrais experience took him to another level of deepening his sense of Self.

If you’d like to experience an Anointing with your next Feldenkrais session or with a Foot Reflexology session please contact Kachina at or call or text  214-521-4798.

An Anointing​