“All conifers have a way of allowing us to hear Mother Earth’s call to our souls.”

These words from my first teacher of the Wisdom Of The Earth Plant & Tree Medicinal Essences comes to life every time I use a conifer. If you have ever entered the Cathedral atmosphere of a forest or even a small concentration of trees you have also felt the truth of this statement deep in your bones. When we can hear the call it is an invitation into our own Sacred Inner Space.

Of the Conifers I am most compelled by ALL 7 varieties of WOTE’S Spruces.

 All Spruces offer adrenal support therefore are great for stress reduction. They are also anti-inflammatory, offer Immune support., are anti-spasmodic and anti viral. But for me their greatest gift is their emotional/spiritual properties including centering & grounding.

One evening before taking a sunset walk All the Spruces called to me. Layering Black Spruce on the back of my neck and shoulders, Blue Spruce on my throat and upper chest, Norway Spruce over my kidneys, adrenals and  thyroid, Red Spruce on my back at the heart & sacrum level, Sitka over my bladder and chest just because I love her scent so much and White on the crown of my head & down my spine. I was All Spruced Up! Funny how this phrase implied being all shiny & sparkly and feeling good about oneself in the home I grew up in.

You may have already heard of FOREST BATHING. In a nutshell, there is now scientific evidence that in spending significant time walking, hiking, sitting in a forest your senses will be saturated with the sounds, smells & general calming atmosphere of “Nature” gifting us with various health benefits. So I had literally taken "A Spruce Forest Bath” without being in a forest. I then carried it with me into my neighborhood. These exotic guests offered a blessing by bringing the fragrance and spirit of their Canadian Spruce Family to Kessler Plaza in Oak Cliff in Dallas,Texas.

As I moved through the neighborhood I wondered how the other trees related to me carrying the scent & vibration of an unusual forest grove of half a dozen varieties of Spruce (Engelman was missing from my home Spruce collection that night).

But first, how was I relating to this community in and around me? Well, what was most curious was the simultaneous sensations of being Grounded AND Uplifted…indeed, like very tall trees. My energy was reaching deep into a serene sense of being at home in this place while feeling unburdened by the familiar stories we can allow to define us.

From within my own bloodstream the alchemy of the Spruces was affecting me through my energy field. There was the warmth & strength from the Black, the courage to be from the Blue, a sense of harmony from Norway, Red was stirring vitality, Sitka alway fills me with her joyful reminder of home and White uplifts my thoughts to a more positive realm.

Like all plants, trees receive light from the sun, stars & galaxies. Trees act as antenna for light energy.
They teach us how to survive earth changes by providing protector/guardian energy and they promote change at a safe pace.

More specifically:

White Spruce opens the channels of our 7th & 8th chakras & offers calming grounded encouragement in moments of stress. She is a true facilitator between the mind and the soul.

Sitka has the ability to calm us within our own physical bodies, so we can take time to ponder our bodies relationship to our emotional & spiritual evolvement. Practically speaking, she allows us to discern if we are centered enough to meet our needs on all levels.

Red Spruce asks us to live an impassioned life.

Norway is an uplifted for the darker days of winter. She offers hormonal support and to clear our hearts of spiritual & emotional debris. 

Spruce Engelman helps get us in touch with our feminine side as she is soft, nurturing and gentle.

Spruce Blue opens the 5th chakra for communication to help us speak our truth in love.

Spruce Black addresses angst and our shadow side that is ready to come into the light.

Invite a Spruce into your life this holiday season.Contact Kachina  to set up a consultation or make an order.

All  Spruced  Up!