"Kachina made it possible for me to accept an opportunity to chaperone a group of students to Taiwan. Due to a rotated hip causing back, leg and foot pain, I had tremendous concerns as to the extensive walking on this trip. One of her Feldenkrais treatments retrained my brain to change the way I walk, just by how she touched my feet. I am happy to say that I managed to walk every day, sometimes for hours on this amazing trip. Thank you Kachina!"

                                                                                 Chris Smith, Language Teacher


"Kachina is one of the most amazing therapists I have ever encountered. When I had old injuries in my lower back, I tried many Western and Chinese therapies. .... Her therapy really worked wonders... After one session I could stand up straight and I felt less pain....I often recommend her to my Kung Fu and Tai Chi students to help them avoid or recover from injury."

                                 Grand Master Johnny Lee,   Lee's White Leopard Kung Fu & Tai Chi

In over thirty-eight years of hands-on therapeutic work, Kachina has fine-tuned a clarity of touch that discovers, supports, and communicates forgotten possibilities.

Kachina is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®.  She was trained in the Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education since 1982, after experiencing a seminar with Moshe Feldenkrais that resonated to her core.

She is also trained in Bones of Life, Iyengar Yoga, Wu style Tai Chi and Chi Gong, Massage Therapy,  Jin Shin Jytsu, Reflexology and Medicinal Aromatherapy.

Kachina Abeita.

"I was scheduled for a Milogram and spinal fusion surgery for a ruptured disc in my neck. Kachina was my last hope to escape surgery.... The dividends have been extraordnary!

I am pain free and my surgeon has been amazed at my recovery. Kachina helped me avoid surgery and improved my quality of life!  Thank you Kachina! "   

​                                                                                     Eric Lardner                                              

About Kachina

A Gentle Spirit with Inner Strength

and the Ability to Focus Healing Energy

"​Kachina is a gifted healer with magic hands. I've suffered with migraines all my adult life, and she's been more effective at giving me relief than chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage, herbs or traditional medicine.

Kachina has taught me how to live comfortably in my scoliosis spine. Her gentle touch and empathetic spirit showed me the physical pain I carry is a function of my structure as well as emotional baggage. Dealing with those together brings healing. Kachina rocks!"                                                                     Loretta Hudelot                                                    

 "I find great joy in bringing awareness of the connections that exist between the elements of our body / mind / spirit continuum and the wisdom of the plant kingdom.

Traveling the inner bridges from thinking, feeling and sensing, to the internal actions of energy flow or congestion, muscle constriction, skeletal misalignment, or the misfiring of neurological signals, is an Art and a Science that inspires me in my service to others.

There is a joy in inquiring, listening and learning that fires our curiosity, that deepens  our intuition, that sharpens our observational skills which can lead us to an open hearted response to Life and to others. These are the gifts of my life's journey that I wish to offer for your growth and transformation."

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"Dear Kachina, I really enjoyed my 1st session with you. Not only that, but my body felt really good and "free" for the next couple of days. My hip felt especially good the next day.

You are a gifted and intuitive practitioner. There are things we learn from books, things from mentors, things from years of hands on practice.......and then there are things that are God given and cannot be replicated in another person. I see that in your practice. I look forward to our next session."

                                                                              Jill Cowan, Pilates Instructor